I’m Daniel Rubio and this is my personal website.

In case you would like to contact me you can do it here. If you would like to know more about my professional profile you learn more about my experiences below or directly have a look at my resume.


I have been recently selected to join the United Nations Development Programme Joint Communications, Information Management and Outreach Unit in Bonn in June 2018. Before, I worked for the OECD Development Centre in Paris in projects related to development communication and the evaluation of awareness campaigns for the sustainable development goals. I have also participated in different international forums. Specialized in public policy analysis and public affairs, I have a growing interest in globalization, development, and policies aimed at reducing inequality.


In the past, I have held different entry-level and consultancy positions in the private sector in companies like Salesforce, Uniplaces or SAP for business development, sales or innovation projects.


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Universidad Europea and I have been a visiting student at McGill University. Currently, I am completing a Diploma in Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley. This year, I will also complete my second Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), specializing in European affairs and international political economy. This has been possible thanks to being awarded the Universidad Europea Academic Excellence Scholarship for three consecutive years (2015-2017) and Madrid’s Regional Government Academic Excellence Scholarship in 2017.



In 2015, I was the first-ever Spanish student to be selected to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York. This allowed me to present the live broadcast of the event to the over 1.000.000 students from the Laureate International Universities network in 29 countries. I interviewed political leaders like Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, or policymakers like Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, discussing topics such as education for development, international relations or gender equality.

Interviewing Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting 2015 in New York City


I have been quoted in The Washington Post and participated as a keynote speaker for El País con tu Futuro and Laureate International Universities in different education conferences. I have also been interviewed in websites for young professionals such as Talent Street to discuss how companies and organizations can relate to the new generations.



Below you can find some of the most relevant analyses, op-eds and blog articles I have published in the last years in different media and academic journals.

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    CEO Laureate Australia and New Zealand

    “As you would imagine, we receive a large number of quality applications each year, and always end up with the highest calibre of student representation from across the network. However I feel this year we were fortunate to see an entirely new benchmark set. Daniel was a brilliant broadcaster, and a flawless Ambassador for UEM and for the entire Laureate network.

    He met a large number of high profile leaders including Chelsea Clinton, Former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard and Reverend Jesse Jackson. His capacity to be deeply curious, and able to ask informed and engaging questions on topics from education, to politics, to race, to human rights, was truly impressive. Beyond that, he was mature, compassionate, and made the most of every opportunity and interaction”. 

    Adam Smith
  • César Lajud Desentis

    César Lajud Desentis

    Former BancoMext Director and Mexican Trade Commissioner in San Francisco.
    Professor of International Economics and Negotiations at Universidad Europea

    Since I met Daniel during his freshman year in 2014, he has enjoyed every opportunity to learn from his older peers and his professors. Daniel quickly learned to manage his time to succeed in his double degree program, work in group situations under strict deadlines, and to recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and intellectual integrity. He has already succeded at being accepted by top universities such as McGill and UC Berkeley or work for prestigious organizations like the OECD.

    I know him well and I have no doubt he is the kind of person that makes an impact with his work. I recommend Daniel with absolute confidence. He has made me proud, as his teacher and friend”.

    César Lajud Desentis
  • Saniya Giniatullina

    Saniya Giniatullina

    Uniplaces Ambassador Programme Manager, Lisbon

    When Daniel joined the Ambassador Programme, we immediately saw the great potential in him, the willingness to learn and to contribute to the team. Because of this great attitude and his natural ability to inspire people to follow him, we raised Daniel to be an Ambassador Manager in Madrid. Throughout his role he showed admirable commitment, initiative to improve things and fresh perspectives on different angles.

    He also successfully managed the recruitment, training and management of a team of 50 ambassadors together with the other Ambassador Manager in Madrid, while proving great leadership and communication skills.

    Saniya Giniatullina