About me


I am a Double Degree student in International Business and International Relations at Universidad Europea. I am currently completing my third year of studies at McGill University in Canada, where I also work as a part-time intern.

Before, I have worked for Uniplaces, one of the world’s most successful startups at the moment, as Brand Manager with the duty to increase sales through agreements, marketing strategies and brand awareness on college campuses in Madrid.

Previously, I have been part of international organizations such as the European Student Think Tank, where I was Ambassador to Spain during part of 2015 and until mid 2016. I have also had the opportunity to lead the International Area of CREA Spain, an association that works with other organizations and municipalities in order to create projects funded by the European Union that make a positive impact on society. During my term as Chief Liaison Officer, I was able to incorporate CREA in first class networks and international institutions such as the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights –being one of the 27 observer partners in Spain– or the World Youth Agency.

My international experience has also led me to travel to cities like New York to join the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting 2015 and interview leaders like Chelsea Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Jesse Jackson, Yang Lan and Julia Gillard also being the first Spanish student that manages to be chosen for it among thousands of candidates around the world.

During these years I have also had time to take courses on macroeconomics, geopolitics, marketing and leadership from top universities such as MIT, University of California Irvine, Oxford or Yale University. Additionally, I have also had taken part in different student clubs and the university’s council of delegates as the representative of my degree and school.

I am particularly interested in the analysis of public policies, the study of inequality and the global economy. Besides this, I love traveling and being constantly informed about what happens almost anywhere in the world.

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