Keynote speaker in international conferences

During my career, I have been featured in different international conferences such as the Clinton Global Initiative (2015) to discuss global policies on sustainable development, inequality and economic growth.

Later, I was also interviewed by The Washington Post to discuss my role during the event and how this experience helped me both personally and professionally.

I have also being a keynote speaker in major education policy discussion forums such as El País con tu Futuro (2016) explaining how the internationalization of the Spanish education can lead to better opportunities in the job market and make a positive impact in the economy in the long-run.

El País con tu Futuro (2016)

I have also being invited to participate in events such as Laureate International Universities Social Impact Speaker Series to provide my outlook about global higher education and meet global leaders such as Christina Macy, former White House Speechwriter for Hillary Clinton and current Director of Publications for the International Youth Foundation.

IMG_2516 cropped
Discussion with Christina Macy, former White House Speechwriter for Hillary Clinton and Director of Publications of the International Youth Foundation (2017)

Finally, I have also participated in several radio programs to discuss the communication strategies of the main candidate for the US elections of 2016 or key political moments of Spanish politics such as the election Mariano Rajoy as Spain’s Primer Minister.

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