SME creation during high school


During my last year of high school –at the age of 15– I created a real SME with other classmates as part of an Business Entrepreneurship course. Thanks to this hands-on experience I learnt about the legal requirements, steps and tax obligations of firms operating in Spain.

Due to our success –we earned more than 2.000€ in six months– we decided to use this hard-working attitude for a meaningful purpose. Apart from giving our profits to Khanimambo Foundation for the construction of a school (Proyecto Escolinha) in Praia de Xai Xai (Mozambique) we also devoted our free time to contacting famous Spanish actors, musicians, writers with the objective of inviting them to donate books, music or any other personal object that could be valuable in the market to increase that donations through our SME.

We created an SME and devoted its profits to this foundation to help Mozambican kids to access education

Since that project successfully started with us in 2011, the partnership has remained very strong and several other students have kept collaborating to make and impact for these Mozambican kids.