Summer Camp Counselor and Spanish Instructor in the US

Due to great the past experiences in the United States in Summer 2010 and 2011 as camper in Camp Lakota, I decided to spend Summer 2016 as Summer Camp Counselor again in the US to give back in a new role.

I had such a great experience some years ago in the US as a camper that I decided to come back as a counselor and enjoy working as much as the kids enjoyed their activities

After completing Astex’s recruitment process in May, I was offered a position at Mercersburg Academy –one of the world’s most prestigious high schools in the US– to supervise a group of Spanish kids spending their summer learning more about science, fine arts and sports while having a great time going to Hershey Park, rafting or high ropes courses in the forest. I could not reject the offer.

During June and July, I was a full-time Summer Camp Counselor for the Mercersburg Adventure Camp program and I was assigned responsibilities such as teaching the Spanish Language and Culture daily activity for American and International students.


Additionally, I was also in charge of daily reporting to families in Spain and the organization about the ongoing activities and possible incidences.

During these months I developed skills like intercultural communication, creativity, adaptability, problem solving and observation. It was also my first experience as a teacher and I believe I learnt as much as they did practicing learning-by-doing and real life simulation language teaching strategies.

It was definitely worth coming back to camp in the US!

It was a hard-working Summer period during which I shared a lot of campy moments with an enthusiastic team of counselors and directors while I kept improving my English. In the end, I did not want to leave.

It was definitely worth coming back to camp in the US!